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"Hi Mark, I played with the driver for the first time yesterday. I am driving the ball 10-20 yards longer and straighter than my Taylor Made R7. Thanks."

Joe , June 04, 2007

"Hi Mark, I received the new driver. I will try it out at the driving range tonight. Let me know about the fairway woods and putter when you have those available. Many thanks."

Joe, June 01, 2007

"Hi Mark, Your irons have made my game enjoyable again. You deserve high praise."

Joe, April 25, 2007

"Mark, I must say that it has been a pleasure working with you. I normally am an impatient individual. Once I make a decision to buy, I like to grab it off the shelf and enjoy my purchase immediately. Instant gratification as they say. But you made the process interesting by exchanging views on the make up of the irons and then keeping me informed of developments. The time went by quicker that I thought it would. When I received the irons, I knew that I had made an good decision. When I first played with the clubs I knew that I had made an excellent decision. I look forward to the same experience with the driver"

Joe, March 13, 2007

"Mark, You have a customer for the driver. I am attaching the questionnaire. I think I am more inclined to take the XL driver. It is hard going back to the smaller head, but I will take your advice. I played my second round (eight holes) with the irons today. You don’t know how great it is to aim at the hole and not 10 to 15 yards to the right. The irons have already improved my confidence and my score.

Joe , March 05, 2007

"Mark, Now that your irons have straightened my iron play, I would like to order your driver. I am hitting a Tour Edge Exotics 9 degree driver. I also have a Taylor Made R7 9 degree but it is not as long. I like the distance with the Tour Edge but as with my old iron sets, there is a tendency to draw the ball a bit too much (I get the impression all the manufacturers put a slight draw offset on clubs to satisfy the average golfer). Rolling Hills is too tight for unwanted draws, as beautiful as they may appear, before finding the trees or the left side of the fairway. Please let me know. Thank you."

Joe, March 3, 2007

"Dear Mark, I played a few holes today with the irons. The ball goes very straight. I am used to a big draw from the other irons I use. I like this better but I will have to remember not to play a big draw. The distance is just as long which is great. I look forward to playing with these clubs. P.S. The caddy was quite impressed with the clubs."

Joe, March 01, 2007

"Mark, The clubs just got delivered. They turned out great. The wedges look great in the bronze color. The lob wedge is the perfect weight, not too heavy. The Black Speeder shafts make the clubs special. I will try them out in the next couple of days (pretty windy today) and let you know. You do beautiful work. Thanks again."

Joe, Joseph Hermosillo, Los Angeles, CA 90067, February 27, 2007,

Mark—I've now been able to get a few rounds in under my belt with my new TR-1 irons. The first adjectives that come to mind for me when trying to describe them are solid and consistent, and no less forgiving than the MP-32's that they're replacing. I am also enjoying the Nippon shafts we selected—really a nice combination.

Played at Sherwood last week with a friend. After coming back outside from putting on my shoes, there was a group of caddies around my bag admiring the TR-1's. Frankly, almost everyone that's seen them comments on how "sweet" they look.

Thanks again for your beautiful work.

Mitch Burger, April 4, 2007, Los Angeles, CA.

"Mark, My trip was great. The driver is excellent. It is long and straight and very good looking. I love how small it looks for a 400cc driver at address. As you said, these things are very good"

All the best, Ari Techner, Springfield, OR. January 12, 2007

"Mark, Thank you again. It is perfect D3 @44.5". I will let you know when I get back from my trip how it works on the course. Thank you very much again"

All the best, Ari Techner December 14, 2006

"Mark, Got the driver thank you very much. Had a chance to hit some balls with it and we definitely made the right choice on loft. The trajectory is perfect. I really love the shape and face profile. Thank you again for the quick service. I will let you know how it works for me when I get a chance to hit it on the course but so far I am very impressed"

All the best, Ari Techner, December 13, 2006

"Mark, received the irons earlier in the week, didn't get a chance to try them out  until today.  I must say that I'm ecstatic about my new irons!  They played great - I don't think I hit a single bad iron shot today.  The look of them at address inspires confidence, and I can only describe the feel of them when striking the ball, "like butter."  If it wasn't for my driver today, I would have been on my way to a new low round for me.  If your driver is anything like your irons, I may have to make another purchase soon.  Thanks!"  

Aaron Chang, Temple City, CA, October 27, 2006

"Mark, The moment I first held the irons in my hands, it felt like home. First, the heads are simply beautiful. These clubs are too beautiful to hit. I can't stop inspecting them. My favorite part of the irons are thin top lines but overall the irons are very clean and elegant. Secondly, performance-wise, I was accused all weekend of cheating. Every solidly struck shot was low-mid trajectory but hit-and stopped immediately on the green. My regular golfing buddy said he never saw me hit shots like I did this weekend - he said the irons grooves are illegal. I told him to go to ???? I think that standing over your blade irons forces the golfer to swing with better techniques.

I was never able to hit the blade/muscle backs before. I tried them all, but yours was the only one where I felt soft but solid contact. I think the high quality raw material used for the heads are special. These clubs are special. I don't anticipate ever changing anymore.

Thank you again. Best regards,"
H.F, Chicago, IL. August 10, 2006

"Mark, First of all, it was great to work with you. Your knowledge and craftsmanship are reflected in your irons.

The Tour Edition iron has the perfect compact head with a thin top line and minimal offset.  I feel confident standing over these knowing that I can work the ball either way. The real reward is the feeling of a well struck ball. If you are a good ball striker, you will ABSOLUTELY love these irons!

One more thing that's really impressive is the customer service that you provide. We must have changed the specs. 6 or 7 times before production to make sure everything was suited to my game. We even fine tuned the finished product to make it perfect. Your responsiveness and patience with me was much appreciated.  

Thanks again, Kevin"
Santa Rosa, CA. July 20, 2006

"Mark, Your clubs (Tour Cavity) are pure with clean profile. They suit my eye very well. When you build a golf clubs that is ground up to a specific swing weight based on the shaft type and shaft length, that is as good as it gets. Your clubs are worth what your market will pay and maybe more.  I admire your club design and what you offer.  As a golf professional for thirty six years I appreciate what you do.

Thanks, Don"
Don Mitchell, Golf Instructor, Temple, Texas. February 26, 2006

"Hi Mark - well, I've just returned from my vacation and had the chance to spend a week playing everyday and would love to give my thoughts on the irons I purchased from you.

First of all, when I pulled them out of the box I was struck immediately by how beautiful they look. The satin finish is truly gorgeous - in my mind your clubs are more like fine jewelry than just golf clubs.

The clubs set up great over the ball - lovely thin top line and perfectly square alignment.  Coupled with  the Project X* shafts, the flight I got was fantastic: penetrating and strong with excellent distance.  The feel is also great: at the same time very soft feeling, yet also very solid as well.

In short, I feel confident that I need never go elsewhere for any future needs in purchasing a set of irons.  Next stop: the ultimate driver!

Finally I just want to thank you for the outstanding friendly service you provide. It's a true eye-opener in this day of mass production and big business.  Dealing with you is really like dealing with a craftsman, not just somebody who juts wants to sell any old set of clubs. No doubt we'll be in touch again sometime soon."

PS - please feel free to use any of my comments as a testimonial in your website. I really want to do anything I can to make sure others can enjoy the pleasure of using your clubs and wish you every success in your business.  

Best Regards"
Daniel Bringans, Chippendale, NSW, Australia, August 23, 2005

"I'm playing great with your clubs! I shot 72 on Sunday.  My scores are getting better each time I go out with your clubs! With MP-37's, I felt like I had to work hard to make the ball do what I want.  With your clubs, I just think of the target and distance, I make a smooth swing and the ball goes where I want.  The feel off the face is nice and soft, just incredible!  I'm extremely happy with my new set!
Thanks, Mark"  
Mick Tobin, Turlock, California. June 21, 2005,

"I love them! The weight is similar to my old MP 33 irons which is perfect. The distance is very similar to my MP 37's but the control with your irons is beyond compare. Each club feels the same and that is something I'm not used to.  I can really work the ball easily.  I also like the feel and feedback from your clubs. The first day out, I shot 73. It was not the fault of your irons that kept me from going low....  
Thanks again."
Mick Tobin, Turlock, California, June 16, 2005

"The clubs, (New Tour Edition Blade) arrived a couple of hours ago.  I'm heading to the course now to try them out.  They look fantastic.
Thanks again, Mark"
Mick Tobin, Turlock, California,  June 15, 2005

"Mr. Inoue, I received the driver and have never seen anything like it. This driver is the most handsome driver I have ever seen. Thank you for the beautiful driver, and I am going to make another order very soon."
Thanks, Mark
Dr Y.U Song, May 12, 2005.
"Absolutely love the irons feel. I have noticed that I am hitting the ball higher but still retaining the distance. The 3 iron as intimidating as it looks is fairly forgiving. The Driver, man what do I say, where do I start? That beast is fun to hit. I was chuckling to myself watching that ball fly. One of the driving range I go to has an equipment yard at the far end of it. The last yardage mark is 250 and the yard is roughly 20 yards further. With my old Taylor Made Titanium driver, I could usually get it to the yard on a couple of bounces.  I was FLYING the balls into the yard with my new cannon.  That thing is awesome.
Thanks again, Mark."
Charlie Urick, Hemet, California, April 26, 2005.

"Dear Mr. Inoue:  Last Thursday, I received a package containing 12ps of TR-2 irons and 2ps.of TR-1 Classic Drivers.  As soon as I opened the package, it was evident that this set of clubs surpasses all my expectation in quality & beauty.  Thank you very much for accommodating my very difficult & unusual request and providing me a set of wonderful research tools.  Regards" 
Cooke Chang, Chappaqua, New York, January 25, 2005

"Dear Mark, The subject iron (Driving Iron) arrived the other day.  Not only is it beautiful piece of golf equipment, it works as I expected. I am straight down the fairway at about the 200 yard range.  Now for a guy nearing 78 years young, that is not bad.  Thank you, Mark for a job well done. Best Regards".
Ken Burrows, Las Vegas, NV. January 15, 2005.

"Mark, I played with Tour Cavity irons, and it was my second time to try them on the course.  However, the distance was so awesome and consistent that I could hit the pin with confidence. I made the cycle birdies, on the consecutive holes of Par 3, 4,& 5. My caddy says it's a chance of lifetime.  I know Traditional clubs are not cheap and not for everyone.  However, once you use them, you'll keep them for good.
As to my TR-1 driver, I believe the full body SP700 with the cup face-design makes difference from others. The ball stays in the air very long and does not come down. Even my friend who happen to be a pro never out drove me, not even once. As a professional clubmaker, I must admit that TR-1 is the best driver ever introduced for its performance and prestige."
Jiwon Park, Professional clubmaker, Sungnam, S. Korea, October 25, 2004

"Mr. Inoue, I just received the new TC-2 cavity back irons and removed plastic wraps and went to play the first round. I absolutely love the soft feel and beautiful shape. They are very consistent with distance and much more forgiving than my *Honma irons. I really appreciate the soft feel & forgiveness."
Byung Lim, 12 hdcp, Seoul, S. Korea. August, 2004.

"The Driver is absolutely the best I have ever hit. Sound & feel are excellent., and it's a beautiful club.  I would not change a thing." 
Dan McElroy, Attorney at Law, Dallas, Texas, June 28, 2004.

Traditional TR-1 irons, "True works of art with a long list of custom options",
2004 Annual Golf Equipment Buyer's Guide, May,2004.
"These irons are entirely hand made,and each step in the process is meticulously attended to. Club heads are ground three separate times to ensure that weights are accurate. As expected, the TR-1 boasts a clean, crisp profile, elongated neck, narrow sole and thin topline. What may be news is that the irons are engineered to provide an enhanced feeling of consistency throughout the set.",
2004 Annual Golf Equipment Buyer's Guide. May, 2004
Traditional Tour Wedge, "Time honored design, forged construction and custom-fitting should please discerning golfers",
2004 Annual Golf Equipment Buyer's Guide, May 2004.
"The copper-zinc alloy used in the Tour wedges from Traditional Golf is said to impart a feel similar to that of high-grade carbon steel, but it's stronger to accommodate more precise face grooves and grinds, which ultimately help you play through varying lies and create extra spin.  The looks are among the cleanest available, with virtually no logo or other distraction marring the view.  Like all clubs from Traditional, the Tour wedges are made to order and are fully customizable, and emphasize quality, design, performance.  Loft, lie and bounce can be altered and create to match your specific tastes."
2004 Annual Golf Equipment Buyer's Guide, May 2004.

"Mark, I just thought I would let you know that the irons,besides being the most gorgeous clubs I have ever owned, are performing excellently. There are a couple of things I am particularly happy with. The trajectory of the irons are exactly what I was looking for. I am a high trajectory, high spin player and the less lofted TR-2's have helped to control the ball flight. Due to this, I am also about a club longer than my last set of irons. I am very happy with the weighting. I have been so used to heavy feeling clubs due to putting lengthened shafts on standard club heads. These feel much lighter and more comfortable in my hands. Thanks for the great work"
Adam Ryan, Atlanta, GA. May 6, 2004.

"The irons look incredible and perform the way they look.  Just beautiful sticks!" 
Ronald Waterreus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, February 3, 2004.

" I am very pleased with the look of the TR-1 forged irons and have shown them to a few golf pros, and they were all impressed.  I am also very pleased with the technical aspects of the clubs, the grinds, offsets and overall balance are perfect, and with your attention to detail; the custom taper of the ferrules (very impressive!!!). As regard to your service, you have no equal. I have not found another company to offer me everything you have.  For that, I am forever grateful & appreciative.  I am quite certain that I will not want or need any other irons in may bag.
David Wayne, Toronto, Canada, January 13, 2004.

"Another 2 weeks have gone by and I thought a follow up was in order for my Traditional Driver.  Usually by now the honeymoon is starting to end with all new clubs--particularly drivers.  Happily I report that this is not the case with this driver. It has shelved for the remainder of this year my *Cobra 427 Tour driver (that I played for over 2 years - the record for me) and my *Taylor Made 510 DF Tour driver.  It continued to shine in all aspects of what I want in a driver.  Good Looks, feel, and performance.  One of the more impressive things that has impressed me over the last few weeks is the consistency of the face.  There are no hot or dead spots unlike other drivers.  I remain very impressed by this true custom built driver."
Jack, Michigan, October, 2003

"Mark, I have been very impressed with TR-1 Classic Driver so far.  Plenty long (up there with the best I own), and definitely the most accurate of any driver I have. Definitely lower trajectory than any 9 degree I've played. I have included the review of Traditional driver posted  on the Golf Opinions web site, and the response (views over 1000 ) was very impressive. I think you will be happy with the review."

The REVIEW: posted on
"The drivers I compared it against were a *Taylor Made 510 TP 7.5°, *Cobra 427 Tour driver 6.5°, *GBB II pro series 7.5°, *Cleveland 460 launcher 7.5°, *Titleist 983K 7.5°. The results of 17 buckets of balls over 2 days are as follows;

Distance-(Nothing had been within 10 yards of my Cobra Tour for over a year): 

    1. Traditional Driver
    2. *Cobra Driver
    3. *Taylor Made
    4. *GBB ll
    5. *Titleist 983K
    6. *Cleveland Launcher

    1. Traditional Driver
    2. *Taylor Made
    3. *Titleist 983K
    4. *GBB ll
    5. *Cobra Driver
    6. *Cleveland Launcher
Trajectory-- SURPRISE the Traditional Driver at 9° was a slightly lower trajectory than the *Cobra 6° Tour Driver (so, I'm Now convinced), and quite a bit lower than all others.

Ability to work the ball-- Traditional Driver, *Taylor Made, *Titleist 963K, *GBB II were virtual toss up, easy to work the ball. The *Cobra was next with the *Cleveland a distant last.

Feel-- A slight nod to the Traditional Driver over the *GBB ll at impact.  The rest were bunched in the middle except the *Cobra & *Cleveland that have an unpleasant sound and feel at impact.

Looks at address--A tie between the Traditional Driver & the *Taylor Made TP-510

Summery--- Initially I am very pleased with this custom made driver, which is  made  entirely of forged SP-700 titanium (not just a welded face insert like others) head from Japan. You can specify loft, roll, bulge, face angle, lie, sole plate design, with or without logo on the crown, size from 320 to 380cc. It isn't cheap costing what TP-510 costs but you get a true custom made driver to your specifications.  Mark I. as he was with his irons is very helpful and very knowledgeable."   
Jack, Michigan, September 10, 2003

"Mark, I just wanted to share some excitement I had playing with your driver.  I put the driver in play on the back 9 of a round and promptly shot a tidy 37 (+1).  I hit 6 of 7 fairways and was consistently longer than my *Titleist 975 LFE 9.5° driver.  I let one of my playing partners hit this on the 18th hole today, and he bombed a driver farther than any he had hit on the day with his *Titleist 983K 8.5° driver.  He hit the drive and looked at me, then at the club and said "It has to be the gear".  He may end up being your customer.  Great job with the driver." 
Gary Mayes, Equip2Golf, Inc. , Madison, AL. July 02, 2003

"Thank you, Mr. Inoue. I received the new iron set on Friday and played twice this weekend and liked a lot! I had no problem adjusting and played well from the first hole. It looks beautiful and feels so crisp at impact! I am very glad that I decided to purchase TR-2" Thank you,
Satoshi Konno, The Wharton School of Business, MBA Class of 2003, Philadelphia, PA. March 23, 2003

"Dear Mark, Your new driver "TR-1 Classic" is amazing. I have never hit any driver as straight. The ball not only flies straight but it goes further than any driver I have hit so far. Even when I miss the shot and fly the ball high, it surprises me how far the ball travels and my playing partners who expect my ball to be shorter than theirs. My driving distance is consistently 15-20 yards longer and straighter, and the ball stays in playable lies where it sometimes ended up in penalty before. TR-1 Classic Driver leaves me with less distance to the greens and makes my game easier and more fun. It's also fun to see my playing partners reaction."
Dr. Craig Ota, Fountain Valley, CA. March 7, 2003.

1) "Dear Mr. Inoue: I am pleased to inform you that the Traditional TR-1 Classic metal wood head conforms to the Rules of Golf" . USGA, February 10, 2003.
2) Traditional TR-1 Classic Driver "Conforms with USGA Rules" by USGA, February 10, 2003.

"Mark, I love my clubs (Left Handed TR-1 Blade). They are easy to line up over the ball. Mostly I enjoy the feedback I get from a solid hit and the consistent trajectory pf my shots. Your product and service are second to none."
Pierre Lacoursiere, Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada, November 11, 2002.

"Mark, WOW! your new forged Titanium Driver put me in new places on key holes at Sun Valley Resort Course yesterday. You are on to something. I was left with clearly less club on holes where I've been struggling lately. Luis can attest to my success and, as I'm sure he has already told you. I've been using "J" driver and am afraid the "J" is doomed to the golf closet after the distance AND the straightness I've experienced".
Walter L, Sun Valley, Idaho, October 25, 2002.

"I have been averaging around 250-280 yards with my 3 wood, so why hit the driver. I was hitting balls with my 3 wood to the end of the driving range at Mission Viejo C.C. I must say that the first swing with your new Driver was magic. I'm not sure of the distance, but the ball hit the trees behind the range approximately 30-40 feet in the air. It was a huge drive. I hit a few more to see if it was fluke and it was not. I went on to play nine holes. The driver just keep amazing my father and I on the distance the ball was traveling. On the several holes, I was hitting longer than normal with a significant wind in our face. The accuracy of the club was without peer. It was long and straight, all I could ever dream of in a driver".
S. Sanchez, 10 handicap, Dana Point, CA. October 03, 2002.

" I really appreciate taking time to talk to me. I don't know any other golf company where I can talk to the owner and the maker of the club. Traditional golf clubs has really made my golf game easier, better and more fun. Traditional golf irons feels and well balanced than my Mizuno MP-33. Once again, Thank you, Mark".
Scott Jo, Los Angeles, CA. October 16, 2002

Mark, I sure appreciate the service. I played in two tourneys last week and loved the clubs. I have played golf for over 40 years and used many sets of irons. I will say "These have better feel and feedback than any club I have used. Around the green, they are outstanding. Just all around outstanding clubs". Thanks a million.
Jim West, PGA Pro, Hickory Ridge G.C. Carbondale, IL. July 15, 2002

I am glad I chose Traditional for my clubs. It is very precise. It performs as expectancy and the quality is very, very good. I highly appreciate your effort to satisfy your customer and will bring your products with pride to every course I play. I'm sure that many people will be wondering this clubs. Please count me as one of your very satisfied customers. Mark, again thank you very much for all you have done for me. Your effort & concern are highly valued.
Irwan Kamarga, Jakarta, Indonesia. July 8, 2002

"Mark, I'm having a ball with my new irons.. the combination of low kick point graphite shaft and the forged head makes a perfect "fit" for my game. My ball flight is higher and longer and the "feel" is incredible. My new friend, Luis Sanchez was right.. your finely crafted clubs are substantially better than "off-the -shelf" product.. no matter the maker. Now.. onward to make slight, subtle swing changes to get me to the next level."
Walter Littenberg, May 13, 2002, Ketchum, Idaho

I tried the Tour Cavity irons you made for me yesterday. There is one thing I can say, they are the best irons I've ever hit. They are really sweet(the feeling is unbelievable), yet the shots are very solid. Thank you very much for an outstanding work. Juan Luis Sanchez, Spanish Pro, Sun Valley, ID, March 14, 2002.

"TRADITIONAL GOLF'S FOCUS IS QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY". Mark Inoue's customers are willing to pay $1,200.00 and wait 8 to 10 weeks for a set of eight Traditional Golf irons. It's not that these irons are magically forgiving and hold the promise of turning 20 handicappers into touring pros & mini tour players. Though the blade with brushed, nickel, chrome plated finish are breathtakingly beautiful, bordering on works of art. Inoue doesn't try to appeal to everyone. Never has. He sells one set at a time. "the one thing I am kind of proud of is all my customers are happy" Inoue said "That's the bottom line". Though he could no doubt cut costs by cutting a few corners and boost revenue by rushing a few new products to market, Inoue says that's not his style.

"Having played several different forged clubs, I truly believe that your blades are among the top forging offerings on the market. They are definitely high quality, and no design is more beautiful. My knowledge of club design is not sophisticated enough to tell you why I like your irons over other forgings that I have played & owned, but from a golfer's standpoint, feel, feedback and workability, all exceed my expectations from a forged iron and perhaps my most favorite feature is that the feel is soft and pure, the ball is lively almost hot off the face. It is hard to imagine that a custom forging iron can far surpass in quality and aesthetically what you have managed to achieve in your design. I am a personal fan of your irons".
Brett Benson, North Carolina, October, 17, 2001.

"I have purchased one of the very first sets sold in France last year. I was playing Titleist cast irons and now enjoy very much the pure sensations of your forged blades. My golf swing has improved a lot and lots of my friends are quite intrigued by these new clubs".
Christian Karst, Boit, France August 14, 2001.

"Last week I had a "Master Club Maker" evaluate all my clubs and he told me that my Traditional irons were "perfectly matched".
Paul C. Davis, July 22, 2001, Santa Barbara, CA.

"I am really getting dialed in with the "Tour Cavity" irons. I shot a 76 yesterday with two three putts and missing 4 birdies inside 6 feet. I shot 1 78 last time out. The magic continues. It has be the irons...."
G.M. Madison, AL. July 21, 2001.

"I am a member of Valdarrama G.C. in Spain and Estoril & Peru G.C. In Portugal and was a member of the Portuguese amateur National Team and twice of the European Team. I am also a member of Sunningdale G.C. In London. I think your clubs are very good. So does my brother. I played golf with Keith Maxwell, Head Professional at Sunningdale. He recognizes as I do, that you have a beautiful product that could be successful. I also played in Morocco Open and won the gross prize at 76, 3 over par on a long tuff trend Jones course".
Nino Brito E. Cunha, Lisbon, Portugal May 2, 2001.

"Your irons break all the 'Rules' associated to the stigmas surrounding 'forged' irons in general. Your irons are the softest and most accurate clubs I have ever had the privilege to play. I can work the ball with little effort and control spin and distance without forcing my shots"
David M. Grisafo, 5 Handicap, May 1, 2001, Cleveland, Ohio

"These are the best looking irons I have seen in the last 15 years"
Robert Brown, October 27, 2000, Ft. Smith, Arkansas

"It is simply the most beautiful golf club I have ever seen or touched.."Your club sets up great and presents itself to the golf ball in a very confident way that creates a feeling that you are going to be able to execute successfully"
Paul Davis, President & CEO, Acorn Golf, October 26, 2000 Santa Barbara, Ca

"They have been everything I expected and more, and I am extremely happy about their performance"
Robert M. Herron, July 31, 2000, Senior VP, HFFLP, Boston, MA

"Traditional blade irons you prepared for me are the best irons that I have ever played"
John DeLuise, Jr., Senior PGA Tour Player, September 1999, Raleigh, NC

*Honma is a registered trade mark of Honma, Taylor Made is a registered trademark of Taylor made, Cleveland is a registered trademark of Cleveland, Cobra is a registered trademark of Cobra, Titleist is a registered trademark of Titleist, GBB-ll is a registered trademark of GBB-11, Mizuno is a registered trademark of Mizuno. Ping is a registered trademark of Ping, Callaway is a registered trademark of Callaway.

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