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discovers "SP-700"

USGA Conforming

The introduction of our hand made forged irons several years ago resulted in an extremely positive response. Since then, there have been many requests for a
driver of the same quality and performance as our irons.

In our search for the ideal material to construct this unique club, we were
fortunate to discover the patented Titanium alloy “SP-700”. It is primarily used in the aerospace industry because of its unique properties of superior durability, lightness, and strength when compared to other Titanium alloys. In the past, “SP-700” Titanium had sometimes been used only
as an insert on drivers…until now.

Traditional Golf has taken the next step in the utilization of this unique metal with the introduction of its new “TR-1 Classic” driver. The first and only driver whose entire head
is constructed from “SP-700” Titanium alloy, the TR-1 Classic, when tested, has produced superior results of increased distance and better ball control. Its classic persimmon shape consists of soleplate, body, crown and insert, forged from “SP-700” Titanium, and hand welded on a precision jig. All drivers are individually made to order to allow the loft, lie and face angles as well as the bulge and roll of the face to be customized and fitted with a choice of shafts.

Each driver is custom made to order and registered with a serial number that records its loft, lie, face angles and head weight and shaft specifications.

"Dear Mr. Inoue: I am pleased to inform you that the Traditional TR-1 Classic metal woodhead conforms to the Rules of Golf" . USGA, February 10, 2003.

Traditional TR-1 Classic Driver "Conforms with USGA Rules" by USGA, February 10, 2003.

TR-1 Classic Driver

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